A series of 6 nested zoetrope animations that overlay guided meditations from the perspective of a bullet about to have a negative interaction with a police officer.

Commissioned by conceptual artist David-Jeremiah as a part of his larger project: FOGA: REAL-N***A EDITION. A 30 day, 7 disc, complete yoga “release” program where the processing of all desires to harm cops is accepted, promoted, and celebrated.


You can take the cow out of the cowboy, but you can't take the boy out of the cow. A mixed media western animated film exploring the elopement of the mainstream western with social critique. Above all, and most importantly, it is a dumb cartoon.

All Rights Reserved 2014

I set out to create a stop-motion film with a 2x4 block of wood. Visually informed by Robert Breer’s minimal elements, the material is explored in a nuanced and poetic way. 2014

An amalgam of research. 2012

Aflac Commercial Spot. 2010

Chef Antonio, Student Film. 2010